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So I was a little too busy yesterday rewatching this ep every spare minute I had to post my thoughts on it, but I've finally managed to drag myself away from all that angst and TEAM LOVE and TEAM-Y GOODNESS and just general awesomeness so here I am! God, I'm so in love with this ep (and with Spike, but you already knew that ;o))!

I had such high hopes for this ep that, truthfully, I was setting myself up for a huge disappointment. But this ep totally surpassed my expectations! Yes, Natalie was involved and she was being used as leverage to get Spike to do what the bad guys wanted, just as I'd feared, but it really didn't revolve around her, and there was so much Spike angst (and some whump - hee!) that I just couldn't not love it!

Spike was his usual genius self and I loved how he could still be a smartass sometimes even though he was under duress ("Last chance, Scarlatti" "I can count!"). Sergio Di Zio was once again amazing; he can convey so many thoughts and emotions just through his eyes and facial expressions, it's incredible. I sense another Gemini nomination for him... ;o)

Also, we've finally gotten to see what happens when you push Spike too far. He's a gentle, easy-going guy but if you hurt his! He was totally past caring about his own life, and I found it really interesting that he said, "after what you did to my friend's sister and what you did to my team" - he couldn't care less about what David had done to him. It's like Spike might've forgiven him if David had hurt just him, but now that he'd dared to hurt his friends, all bets were off. Really loved seeing this protective side of Spike. And Spike's total shutdown when he thought his team had been They clearly mean everything to him.

But what I loved about this ep most of all was the teaminess of it. It was wonderful to finally see Sam and Spike interact a bit more and I simply adored the friendshippy goodness between them in this ep, especially in one of the last scenes where Sam jogs up to Spike and throws an arm around his shoulder. It's great to finally see that Sam really does care about his team, not just about Jules.

And of course there's the briefing room scene, which I absolutely adored. I've missed these briefing room scenes because they're usually good for some great team moments, and I'm so happy we got one in this ep. It was perfect! The "Spike, without you around..." "We'd fall apart" from Greg and Ed- oh, TEAM! I just wanted to hug all of them! And poor Spike, thinking he's cursed or something because people close to him keep getting killed or hurt (I do wish he'd have mentioned Mac as well, 'cause that woulda made it even more believable).

I have to say Spike sorta breaking up with Natalie at the beginning of the ep did kinda surprise me. I wonder if he was already having these "people who get close to me end up dying" issues before the whole kidnapping happened and that that's why he broke up with her or that he really just prefers to stay friends. I hope they'll give us more glimpses into his psyche in the next few eps or in season 5, because really, it's pretty rare we get to see Spike lose it and open up like he did.

All in all, absolutely brilliant episode! Definitely one of my top 3 favourites! Hee! :oD
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