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I should be writing essays and reports and what not, but because Flashpoint's season 4 finale's on in Canada tonight, there's so much Flashpoint love going around that I just can't not play ;o)

An assortment of interviews and articles and stuff about tonight's ep:

Interview with Sergio on AM Canada this morning:

Another interview with Sergio (he really seems to do a lot to promote FP):
My favourite passage:
If Team One seems close on camera, Di Zio says they’re just as close when the cameras aren’t rolling. “We care about each other a lot and as much as we acted that way the first year, now it’s in our bones. When you first meet somebody, you give them your best self, and the more you get to know them, they get to see the rest of you and the love gets deeper when you start accepting the stuff that isn’t the best self. We got to get there together, as a group.”

Interview with David Paetkau:
My favourite passage:
The notion of family is a running theme in the final episode, and Paetkau says one of his highlights from the entire season was shooting the scenes when they’re all together. “Those were the most fun,” he says. “A lot of the time, we’re divided up and running around and doing our individual thing, but to get a scene when we’re all together, it really feels like family."

Also, Sergio tweeted this pic of Hugh and Enrico today:

And his caption: "Two of my favourite people on the planet."

Honestly, I don't think there's ever been a show that revolves around friendship and family as much as Flashpoint does. And I don't think there's ever been a cast who so often and freely express their love and affection for one other as this cast. THIS, this is why it's my favourite show right now and why season 4 is my favourite season to date. So many wonderful team moments and team love and I really, really hope they'll keep that up in season 5 (and, hopefully, beyond!). God, I love this show.

Can't wait to see tonight's ep!

Date: 2012-01-06 11:51 pm (UTC)
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thanks for posting all the links!

and hee! The picture cracks me up. They look so happy to have their picture taken. ;)

Just as an aside, something you can see clearly in the picture and get quick glimpses of in the show... I love that as a costume detail they have Greg still wearing the bracelet with Lew's name and badge number. =)


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