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Especially for [ profile] loisarah:o)

Here's the promo for Day Game:

ETA: So LJ's been driving me crazy due to the DDoS attack. I've been trying to fix this post for days as the link to the promo wasn't working properly and the LJ cut wasn't working at all, but LJ wouldn't let me go back to edit my post. So sorry if I spoiled anyone with the ep description below!  Anyway, I still can't get LJ cut to work but it'll at least let me edit, so I'm just gonna have to do it the old-fashioned way and use spoiler space.

This is ION's description of the ep:


"A former recruit, twice passed over by Parker, enables a burglary at a hockey stadium where he runs security. That Parker doesn't recognize him at first antagonizes the villain, whose wife and child have left him. On a scaffolding high above the ice, he holds Parker hostage in order to win his attention and affirmation. Earlier in the story, Raf is humiliated and angered by Parker's drills. Later, the newest member of the team realizes that the slightest miscue can put a teammate in jeopardy, as he witnesses how close Parker comes to death today."
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The research is necessary, but wow, it's depressing.
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I thought it was an okay ep. It felt a bit like a filler to me, but it did have some nice moments.

Spoilers for 413 )So did anyone see the promo for next week's ep? It's not up on YouTube yet so I can't post it here, but it looks like Greg's in biiiiig trouble. Yikes!

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Found this article from Sergio's pre-Flashpoint days. It made me laugh :o) And isn't that pic just absolutely adorable?


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Also, Amy Jo Johnson and Michael Cram performed in a café in Toronto last night and I was very pleased to hear that Sergio, David and Rico were there as well. I just can't get over how supportive they all are of one another!  I wish I had friends like that ;o)
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This was tweeted by Sergio a few hours ago:

Awww...I just want to hug all of them! It's so wonderful to see that they really are a family both on and off-screen. Hee! :oD
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Here's ION's promo for tonight's new Flashpoint ep on CTV "A New Life":

A New Life Promo

Looks like Donna's really gonna be put through the wringer in this one... Can't wait to see it!
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The CTV promo for Tuesday's ep 'A New Life':

Whew! Looks like it's gonna be a really intense episode! Poor Donna...

Also, a nice little interview with Sergio from a few days ago:

A small excerpt:
"He's also had the opportunity to see his character, Spike, grow over the past few years. "It's been really cool to do," he says. "Spike was just a small part of the cast at first. He's the pup of the group and wants to play with the big boys!"

That part made me smile ;o)

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Funny but tiny little clip of part of the Flashpoint cast at the Geminis this year. They're at around 1:46 and you only see them for like 5 seconds or so, but it's still cute :o)

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Title: A Burden Shared
Characters: Spike, Jules
Summary: missing scene for A Day In The Life. I always felt that they just kinda threw the Jules’-best-friend-committed-suicide bit at us and totally skipped over the emotional effect having to relive the memory might have had on her. So this is my take on what happened afterwards.
Rating: G
Word count: approx. 643. Just a ficlet.
Disclaimer: Don’t own Spike, Jules or any of the other characters in this story. Wish I did!
Special thanks to [ profile] loisarah for the beta :o) Any and all remaining mistakes are mine.
A Burden Shared ) 
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I'm getting more and more impressed with how much effort ION is putting into promoting Flashpoint. Here's a short interview with the Flashpoint cast (minus Sergio and Clé Bennett :o() at the ION Flashpoint premiere event in New York that took place a few days ago. The interview contains a couple of clips from unaired episodes, one of which is a little spoilery for JAM fans, so beware.
Flashpoint cast interview
Spoilers for season 4 JAM ) 
Either way, new Flashpoint ep "A New Life" next week! FINALLY! :oD

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Flashpoint has such a tiny little fandom that finding good, well-written gen fic is a real challenge if you're a Spike fan (or rather, if you're not a JAM-fan). So I thought I'd post a list of my favourite fic for any newcomers out there! I think most of the oldcomers will have already read these, but I guess there might still be one or two that slipped under the radar :o) Most of the fic I'll be recc'ing here will be Spike-centric, but some of them will be more team-centric or told from another character's POV.


Whisper Prayers into the Dark by [ profile] chocolatekettle
Wonderful, beautifully written post-One Wrong Move fic. Team with a slight emphasis on Spike.

Make New Friends (But Keep The Old) by [ profile] chocolatekettle
Spike and Jules break Leah into the team.

Getting To Know You by [ profile] coneycat
Leah's thoughts on the team (and on Spike especially) after she first joins the SRU.

As Soon As I Am Able by [ profile] coneycat
A classic, one that I know probably just about every Flashpoint fan has read ;o) Spike and Leah bond while Spike tries to cope with losing Lew. (Yeah, I know that really doesn't do it justice - just, go read it if you haven't already 'cause there's a lot going on in this story).

Swim Til You Drown by Illyria13
This is a Sam-centric fic, but I kind of like it as it's pretty well-written, and Spike plays a rather important part in it.

Hesitation by [ profile] eviltwin
Lovely little post-Fault Lines ficlet. Spike-Wordy friendship.

The Right Words by [ profile] eviltwin
Post-One Wrong Move ficlet. Spike-Greg friendship.

That's it for the Gen recs. Will do a separate post for slash fics later, but now I gotta get ready for work!


Oct. 16th, 2011 10:04 am
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A tweet from Enrico a few hours ago:

This made me smile this morning. I love how the FP cast are so supportive of each other and hang out together when they're on hiatus. *wants to hug all of them!*

ETA: For those of you not on Twitter, elisasboy72 is Sergio :o)
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So ION has been doing a hell of a job promoting Flashpoint the past month or so and now they have a poll up on their Facebook page asking fans who their favourite character is, and Spike's lagging behind. I know polls like this really don't mean anything, since it's such a tiny portion of the fan base (and of viewers in general) who participate in these things and so it's not at all representative, but I always kinda worry that TPTB will take it seriously and will cut down on Spike's screen time again.

Why yes, I do worry about things far too much ;o)

So anyway, if you're a Spike fan and are on FB, go vote please!
(okay, yeah, you can go vote if Spike's not your favourite character, too, of course ;o))
ION poll

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Don't have time to really go into it so just some random thoughts on this one :o)

Spoilers for Wild Card )

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So I was thinking about Blue on Blue and Spoilers and speculation for 415 Blue on Blue )*siiiiiiiiiiighs* I should really stop obsessing over this ep.  


Oct. 11th, 2011 04:01 pm
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New Flashpoint ep Wild Card on CTV tonight!!! :oD

But unfortunately there'll be a two-week break after that *grumbles*. I hate breaks between Flashpoint episodes. Loathe them in fact. Especially when it means that I'm going to have to wait even longer for Blue on Blue to air (I'm assuming it'll now air November 22nd instead of November 9th). Glah! There'd better not be any more breaks before Blue on Blue airs! *eyes CTV sternly*

At least Sergio gave us a pic to tide us over:

What a cute pic! And really, I think I've yet to see a pic where Sergio isn't smiling ;o)
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There's been a lot of confusion about season 4's episode order, since apparently the orders they have listed on IMDb and Wikipedia are incorrect. And of course things became even more complicated when TPTB decided to move Grounded, originally ep 412, into the 8th episode slot. I personally like to know the exact order of eps so I know when I can expect a particularly exciting episode (i.e. one in which Spike is featured prominently ;o)). Sooooo, been doing some searching on the 'net and I think I've finally found a site that seems to have the right order of episodes, plus the expected air dates!

Episode dates for Flashpoint

I'm looking forward to all the episodes, of course, but the ep of particular interest to me is Blue on Blue, because, well:
Spoilers for 415 Blue on Blue )

Anyway, I have thoughts on The Cost of Doing Business, but I should really get a move-on with uni-related matters so, more to come later!
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New Flashpoint ep tonight: 410 The Cost of Doing Business! Featuring our belovedspoiler ):oD

Also, great article about Sergio:

'Flashpoint's' Sergio Di Zio seeks 'emotional truth' both on screen and on stage

Enjoy :o)
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Sooooo picking up where I left off this morning:

Spoilers for 409 )
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First reaction: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, GREG!!!! I could practically feel my heart melt while watching that last scene. I wanna get me some of Greg, too! ;o)

So much to say about this ep, but unfortunately I have to get ready for class right now. More to come later!


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