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I should be writing essays and reports and what not, but because Flashpoint's season 4 finale's on in Canada tonight, there's so much Flashpoint love going around that I just can't not play ;o)

This way to goodies )

Honestly, I don't think there's ever been a show that revolves around friendship and family as much as Flashpoint does. And I don't think there's ever been a cast who so often and freely express their love and affection for one other as this cast. THIS, this is why it's my favourite show right now and why season 4 is my favourite season to date. So many wonderful team moments and team love and I really, really hope they'll keep that up in season 5 (and, hopefully, beyond!). God, I love this show.

Can't wait to see tonight's ep!
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So 'the men of Flashpoint' were on the Marilyn Denis show for an interview back in February. The interview itself was already on YouTube but the short BTS clip that shows the boys answering a few more questions backstage apparently wasn't, so I've just remedied that. Enjoy! :oD

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So I guess it's about time I posted some of the Flashpoint spoiler pics I've been sitting on! Once again, lots of Sergio/Spike (YAY!)!

Mostly minor spoilers... )Right, gotta go. Will post more spoilers and pics later!

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Aeryon Labs, a company that designs UAVs posted this pic on Twitter today (non-spoilery!):

Ah, that cute smile again :o) Seems like Sergio's always smiling in behind the scenes pics! Apparently, they're currently filming the "big Spike episode" (the fact that there's gonna be a big Spike ep totally made my week ;o)), so I guess that in it Spike will get to play with a UAV, which I think he'll probably be pretty excited about (new toy!). :o)


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