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Flashpoint has such a tiny little fandom that finding good, well-written gen fic is a real challenge if you're a Spike fan (or rather, if you're not a JAM-fan). So I thought I'd post a list of my favourite fic for any newcomers out there! I think most of the oldcomers will have already read these, but I guess there might still be one or two that slipped under the radar :o) Most of the fic I'll be recc'ing here will be Spike-centric, but some of them will be more team-centric or told from another character's POV.


Whisper Prayers into the Dark by [ profile] chocolatekettle
Wonderful, beautifully written post-One Wrong Move fic. Team with a slight emphasis on Spike.

Make New Friends (But Keep The Old) by [ profile] chocolatekettle
Spike and Jules break Leah into the team.

Getting To Know You by [ profile] coneycat
Leah's thoughts on the team (and on Spike especially) after she first joins the SRU.

As Soon As I Am Able by [ profile] coneycat
A classic, one that I know probably just about every Flashpoint fan has read ;o) Spike and Leah bond while Spike tries to cope with losing Lew. (Yeah, I know that really doesn't do it justice - just, go read it if you haven't already 'cause there's a lot going on in this story).

Swim Til You Drown by Illyria13
This is a Sam-centric fic, but I kind of like it as it's pretty well-written, and Spike plays a rather important part in it.

Hesitation by [ profile] eviltwin
Lovely little post-Fault Lines ficlet. Spike-Wordy friendship.

The Right Words by [ profile] eviltwin
Post-One Wrong Move ficlet. Spike-Greg friendship.

That's it for the Gen recs. Will do a separate post for slash fics later, but now I gotta get ready for work!

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One of these days I'm going to do a lengthy fic rec post with my favourite FP fics, but it'll have to wait till I get some more TIME! Uni's been eating up pretty much all of it lately and right now I've got just about five minutes to spare, which I'm going to use well by reccing FP fic! :o)

Hesitation by [ profile] eviltwin

It's really short (just a ficlet), but it's a lovely little Spike-Wordy friendship fic, which takes place right after Fault Lines. I suppose it's slightly AU, but it's wonderfully understated and I thought it was quite moving. Spoilers for ep 405 'The Better Man'.

Go read! :o)

Also, will try to catch up with comments and such later today!


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