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I should be writing essays and reports and what not, but because Flashpoint's season 4 finale's on in Canada tonight, there's so much Flashpoint love going around that I just can't not play ;o)

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Honestly, I don't think there's ever been a show that revolves around friendship and family as much as Flashpoint does. And I don't think there's ever been a cast who so often and freely express their love and affection for one other as this cast. THIS, this is why it's my favourite show right now and why season 4 is my favourite season to date. So many wonderful team moments and team love and I really, really hope they'll keep that up in season 5 (and, hopefully, beyond!). God, I love this show.

Can't wait to see tonight's ep!
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This is a truly amazing article about Sergio in which he talks about Spike, his new play (Dying City) and the loss of his mom. This article has made me love him even more. What an inspirational guy.


An excerpt:
"On a personal note, Di Zio says his mom passed away 11 years ago. “It was a very hard time,” he says. “I was very, very close with her, but there was this gift she left me with, which was she vocalized it, saying, ‘This acting thing, if you’re going to do it, I want you to really do it.’”

And though he deems this experience of his mother’s death, “both the most beautiful and the most horrible,” he notes the inevitable growth and transformation that can be born out of grief."

Read it, it's amazing.

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Found this article from Sergio's pre-Flashpoint days. It made me laugh :o) And isn't that pic just absolutely adorable?


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Also, Amy Jo Johnson and Michael Cram performed in a café in Toronto last night and I was very pleased to hear that Sergio, David and Rico were there as well. I just can't get over how supportive they all are of one another!  I wish I had friends like that ;o)
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The CTV promo for Tuesday's ep 'A New Life':

Whew! Looks like it's gonna be a really intense episode! Poor Donna...

Also, a nice little interview with Sergio from a few days ago:

A small excerpt:
"He's also had the opportunity to see his character, Spike, grow over the past few years. "It's been really cool to do," he says. "Spike was just a small part of the cast at first. He's the pup of the group and wants to play with the big boys!"

That part made me smile ;o)

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I'm getting more and more impressed with how much effort ION is putting into promoting Flashpoint. Here's a short interview with the Flashpoint cast (minus Sergio and Clé Bennett :o() at the ION Flashpoint premiere event in New York that took place a few days ago. The interview contains a couple of clips from unaired episodes, one of which is a little spoilery for JAM fans, so beware.
Flashpoint cast interview
Spoilers for season 4 JAM ) 
Either way, new Flashpoint ep "A New Life" next week! FINALLY! :oD

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So 'the men of Flashpoint' were on the Marilyn Denis show for an interview back in February. The interview itself was already on YouTube but the short BTS clip that shows the boys answering a few more questions backstage apparently wasn't, so I've just remedied that. Enjoy! :oD


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