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A little while ago someone over at the Official Flashpoint Facebook page (if you're on FB, check it out, it's great) asked which actor on the show was most like their character, and one of the producers of the show replied:

“Sergio is so lovely and instantly likeable--just like Spike. Not sure that he's a geek though. Hugh smiles a lot more than he does in the show--not nearly as intense. David isn't cocky as he appears in the show. Enrico is charming and funny--seems a lot younger in person. Amy Jo is quiet, perhaps moreso than Jules. I found Mike Cram and Wordy to be very different. Both are very sweet, but Mike Cram has more lift to his personality (does that make sense?).”

Really, it doesn't surprise me at all that Sergio Di Zio is most like his character on the show; they both just ooze likability somehow! I wonder if it's the smile or the dimples...or his voice? Sergio just seems like a very gentle and genuinely friendly guy (yeah, just like Spike ;o)).  Also, I agree that Enrico seems much younger in interviews (and BTS pics) than he does when he plays Greg Parker. And David -- when I saw him on Marilyn, I was really surprised at how different he seemed! Sam does come across as a bit cocky on the show, but David himself struck me as friendly (if a little mischievous ;o)) and even a tiny bit shy sometimes. 
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Saw this on Alipeep's LJ and decided to give it a go. I'm not much like Sheppy at all! Well, it's not like I didn't already know that ;) I mean, brave? Me? Uh-uh. :D But I'll settle for Carson ;)

Which Stargate Atlantis character are you most like?
Your Result: Dr. Carson Beckett

Kind-hearted, sincere, loveable, and a good person. Dr. Beckett is a medical doctor, and he cares for everyone around him. By being simmilar in personality to him, it means that you are noble and genuine, and really, really nice. This is living proof that you don't need to be exceptionally strong to be a strong person. Plus, you're smart, too! ^^

Dr. Radek Zelenka
Dr. Elizabeth Weir
Teyla Emmagen
Col. John Sheppard
Ronan Dex
Dr. Rodney McKay
Which Stargate Atlantis character are you most like?
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