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I've been a little out of touch lately and it's not because there are currently no new Flashpoint episodes airing ;o) I've just been incredibly busy: I have about 40 reports to write and I have till 15 January to get them all done, so that's not a whole lot of time. It's my own fault, really, because I chose to obsess and squee over Flashpoint rather than to start working on all these reports, and I honestly don't regret making that choice. It just means I'm scrambling right now, which is why I've been a little quiet! Hopefully after Jan 15 I'll be able to kick back a little and get back to the fannish stuff.

Speaking of fannish stuff, I still plan on writing at least one more fic(let) for [ profile] fandom_stocking, but am lacking inspiration at the moment. I want to write something Christmas-y and SHORT but everything I come up with ends up mutating into something really long, and I don't have time for long! So...would anyone care to prompt me? It can be Ed & Greg friendship or team or something with Spike. I can't promise it'll get written, but hopefully it'll inspire me to write something (other than reports ;o)).

Anyway, hope everyone on my f-list has a wonderful Christmas (or insert other appropriate holiday) with family and friends or just with a good movie or book or something else that makes you happy :o)
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So, wow, I'm only now getting around to writing down my thoughts on this ep!

Spoilers and love! :o) )

This ep was all about team, friendship and family, and that is why I loved it so very much!
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So I was a little too busy yesterday rewatching this ep every spare minute I had to post my thoughts on it, but I've finally managed to drag myself away from all that angst and TEAM LOVE and TEAM-Y GOODNESS and just general awesomeness so here I am! God, I'm so in love with this ep (and with Spike, but you already knew that ;o))!

Spoilers 515 Blue On Blue )

All in all, absolutely brilliant episode! Definitely one of my top 3 favourites! Hee! :oD
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Flashpoint ep Blue on Blue (the Spoilers ) ep) is on tonight!!!! Does anyone have any idea how long I've been looking forward to this ep?! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Just hoping it's not going to disappoint...

Sergio just tweeted this pic:

Spoilers for 415 )

Hee! :o)

Also, Michael Shanks is in this ep, so for Canadian fans of MS, don't forget to watch Flashpoint on CTV tonight!
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Finally! The promo for 415 Blue On Blue!

And ION's description for the ep:
Spoilers for 415 Blue On Blue )

OMG! Is it Tuesday yet???
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EEEEEEEE!!! Finally, FINALLY a little bit more info on Blue on Blue! (LJ's still not letting me use LJ cut, so I'm using spoiler space again)


Blue on Blue
Spike responds to a distress call from Sam's sister and suddenly finds himself held at gunpoint by her criminal ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Team One responds to shots fired at a metro depot where two men have broken in to rob it.

Now, let's compare this to the following from Michael Shanks' website I posted a while ago:
The episode (at filming time) is titled "Blue On Blue". Michael plays a character named David Fleming, who abducts Mike "Spike" Scarlatti (played by Sergio Di Zio) in order to force him into using his computer skills to aid Fleming's efforts to steal from the police evidence depot.

So, yep, Natalie's definitely involved, and I'm guessing the criminal ex-boyfriend is part of the gang that's trying to rob the depot. The question is where this is all going to be taking place. Is Fleming's gonna take Spike to the depot or is he going to force Spike to work his computer magic from some remote computer? And in the case of the former, is he going to take Natalie as leverage? And when's the rest of the team going to figure out Spike's in trouble?

I really can't wait to find out! Looking forward to the promo we'll hopefully get after Day Game. Hee!

Anyway, not quite the kind of kidnapping I'd hoped for (I woulda liked to have seen a drugged Spike ;o)), but I'll take what I can get ;o)

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I thought it was an okay ep. It felt a bit like a filler to me, but it did have some nice moments.

Spoilers for 413 )So did anyone see the promo for next week's ep? It's not up on YouTube yet so I can't post it here, but it looks like Greg's in biiiiig trouble. Yikes!

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Title: A Burden Shared
Characters: Spike, Jules
Summary: missing scene for A Day In The Life. I always felt that they just kinda threw the Jules’-best-friend-committed-suicide bit at us and totally skipped over the emotional effect having to relive the memory might have had on her. So this is my take on what happened afterwards.
Rating: G
Word count: approx. 643. Just a ficlet.
Disclaimer: Don’t own Spike, Jules or any of the other characters in this story. Wish I did!
Special thanks to [ profile] loisarah for the beta :o) Any and all remaining mistakes are mine.
A Burden Shared ) 
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Flashpoint has such a tiny little fandom that finding good, well-written gen fic is a real challenge if you're a Spike fan (or rather, if you're not a JAM-fan). So I thought I'd post a list of my favourite fic for any newcomers out there! I think most of the oldcomers will have already read these, but I guess there might still be one or two that slipped under the radar :o) Most of the fic I'll be recc'ing here will be Spike-centric, but some of them will be more team-centric or told from another character's POV.


Whisper Prayers into the Dark by [ profile] chocolatekettle
Wonderful, beautifully written post-One Wrong Move fic. Team with a slight emphasis on Spike.

Make New Friends (But Keep The Old) by [ profile] chocolatekettle
Spike and Jules break Leah into the team.

Getting To Know You by [ profile] coneycat
Leah's thoughts on the team (and on Spike especially) after she first joins the SRU.

As Soon As I Am Able by [ profile] coneycat
A classic, one that I know probably just about every Flashpoint fan has read ;o) Spike and Leah bond while Spike tries to cope with losing Lew. (Yeah, I know that really doesn't do it justice - just, go read it if you haven't already 'cause there's a lot going on in this story).

Swim Til You Drown by Illyria13
This is a Sam-centric fic, but I kind of like it as it's pretty well-written, and Spike plays a rather important part in it.

Hesitation by [ profile] eviltwin
Lovely little post-Fault Lines ficlet. Spike-Wordy friendship.

The Right Words by [ profile] eviltwin
Post-One Wrong Move ficlet. Spike-Greg friendship.

That's it for the Gen recs. Will do a separate post for slash fics later, but now I gotta get ready for work!

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So ION has been doing a hell of a job promoting Flashpoint the past month or so and now they have a poll up on their Facebook page asking fans who their favourite character is, and Spike's lagging behind. I know polls like this really don't mean anything, since it's such a tiny portion of the fan base (and of viewers in general) who participate in these things and so it's not at all representative, but I always kinda worry that TPTB will take it seriously and will cut down on Spike's screen time again.

Why yes, I do worry about things far too much ;o)

So anyway, if you're a Spike fan and are on FB, go vote please!
(okay, yeah, you can go vote if Spike's not your favourite character, too, of course ;o))
ION poll

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Don't have time to really go into it so just some random thoughts on this one :o)

Spoilers for Wild Card )

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So I was thinking about Blue on Blue and Spoilers and speculation for 415 Blue on Blue )*siiiiiiiiiiighs* I should really stop obsessing over this ep.  
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There's been a lot of confusion about season 4's episode order, since apparently the orders they have listed on IMDb and Wikipedia are incorrect. And of course things became even more complicated when TPTB decided to move Grounded, originally ep 412, into the 8th episode slot. I personally like to know the exact order of eps so I know when I can expect a particularly exciting episode (i.e. one in which Spike is featured prominently ;o)). Sooooo, been doing some searching on the 'net and I think I've finally found a site that seems to have the right order of episodes, plus the expected air dates!

Episode dates for Flashpoint

I'm looking forward to all the episodes, of course, but the ep of particular interest to me is Blue on Blue, because, well:
Spoilers for 415 Blue on Blue )

Anyway, I have thoughts on The Cost of Doing Business, but I should really get a move-on with uni-related matters so, more to come later!
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Sooooo picking up where I left off this morning:

Spoilers for 409 )
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One of these days I'm going to do a lengthy fic rec post with my favourite FP fics, but it'll have to wait till I get some more TIME! Uni's been eating up pretty much all of it lately and right now I've got just about five minutes to spare, which I'm going to use well by reccing FP fic! :o)

Hesitation by [ profile] eviltwin

It's really short (just a ficlet), but it's a lovely little Spike-Wordy friendship fic, which takes place right after Fault Lines. I suppose it's slightly AU, but it's wonderfully understated and I thought it was quite moving. Spoilers for ep 405 'The Better Man'.

Go read! :o)

Also, will try to catch up with comments and such later today!
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A little while ago someone over at the Official Flashpoint Facebook page (if you're on FB, check it out, it's great) asked which actor on the show was most like their character, and one of the producers of the show replied:

“Sergio is so lovely and instantly likeable--just like Spike. Not sure that he's a geek though. Hugh smiles a lot more than he does in the show--not nearly as intense. David isn't cocky as he appears in the show. Enrico is charming and funny--seems a lot younger in person. Amy Jo is quiet, perhaps moreso than Jules. I found Mike Cram and Wordy to be very different. Both are very sweet, but Mike Cram has more lift to his personality (does that make sense?).”

Really, it doesn't surprise me at all that Sergio Di Zio is most like his character on the show; they both just ooze likability somehow! I wonder if it's the smile or the dimples...or his voice? Sergio just seems like a very gentle and genuinely friendly guy (yeah, just like Spike ;o)).  Also, I agree that Enrico seems much younger in interviews (and BTS pics) than he does when he plays Greg Parker. And David -- when I saw him on Marilyn, I was really surprised at how different he seemed! Sam does come across as a bit cocky on the show, but David himself struck me as friendly (if a little mischievous ;o)) and even a tiny bit shy sometimes. 
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As some of you may know, the wonderful Michael Shanks (Stargate SG-1) is doing a guest spot on Flashpoint this season and his website just posted some more info about the character he'll be playing (and it involves Spike).

Spoilers! )Spoilers! )

Either way, I'm excited! Though, if I didn't know any better (which I don't, really), I'd say they're trying to break Spike this season! Poor if last season wasn't tough enough on him. Still, I see lots more team moments and maybe even some h/c with Spike at the receiving end in my Flashpoint future! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :oD :oD
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Let me start off by saying that this ep was everything I'd hoped it would be, and more. SO MUCH Spike and TEAM and team members worrying and caring about each other. There was whump and angst and TEAM LOVE and I loved every second of it! :oD

More thoughts and squee! )

Man, I think I could go on and on about this ep, but I've been rambling on long enough. Suffice it to say that this is now my new favourite Flashoint ep! ;o)

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Just saw the CBS promo for this week's Flashpoint (the big Spike ep) and OMG!!!

*hyperventilates!* HOW am I supposed to be able to wait TWO MORE DAYS for this episode to air?! The suspense is killing me! Looks like there's gonna be lotsa team and angsting about Spike and whump...and...and....IS IT FRIDAY YET????!


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