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I've been a little out of touch lately and it's not because there are currently no new Flashpoint episodes airing ;o) I've just been incredibly busy: I have about 40 reports to write and I have till 15 January to get them all done, so that's not a whole lot of time. It's my own fault, really, because I chose to obsess and squee over Flashpoint rather than to start working on all these reports, and I honestly don't regret making that choice. It just means I'm scrambling right now, which is why I've been a little quiet! Hopefully after Jan 15 I'll be able to kick back a little and get back to the fannish stuff.

Speaking of fannish stuff, I still plan on writing at least one more fic(let) for [ profile] fandom_stocking, but am lacking inspiration at the moment. I want to write something Christmas-y and SHORT but everything I come up with ends up mutating into something really long, and I don't have time for long! So...would anyone care to prompt me? It can be Ed & Greg friendship or team or something with Spike. I can't promise it'll get written, but hopefully it'll inspire me to write something (other than reports ;o)).

Anyway, hope everyone on my f-list has a wonderful Christmas (or insert other appropriate holiday) with family and friends or just with a good movie or book or something else that makes you happy :o)
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Especially for [ profile] loisarah:o)

Here's the promo for Day Game:

ETA: So LJ's been driving me crazy due to the DDoS attack. I've been trying to fix this post for days as the link to the promo wasn't working properly and the LJ cut wasn't working at all, but LJ wouldn't let me go back to edit my post. So sorry if I spoiled anyone with the ep description below!  Anyway, I still can't get LJ cut to work but it'll at least let me edit, so I'm just gonna have to do it the old-fashioned way and use spoiler space.

This is ION's description of the ep:


"A former recruit, twice passed over by Parker, enables a burglary at a hockey stadium where he runs security. That Parker doesn't recognize him at first antagonizes the villain, whose wife and child have left him. On a scaffolding high above the ice, he holds Parker hostage in order to win his attention and affirmation. Earlier in the story, Raf is humiliated and angered by Parker's drills. Later, the newest member of the team realizes that the slightest miscue can put a teammate in jeopardy, as he witnesses how close Parker comes to death today."
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I thought it was an okay ep. It felt a bit like a filler to me, but it did have some nice moments.

Spoilers for 413 )So did anyone see the promo for next week's ep? It's not up on YouTube yet so I can't post it here, but it looks like Greg's in biiiiig trouble. Yikes!

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Don't have time to really go into it so just some random thoughts on this one :o)

Spoilers for Wild Card )

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Sooooo picking up where I left off this morning:

Spoilers for 409 )
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First reaction: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, GREG!!!! I could practically feel my heart melt while watching that last scene. I wanna get me some of Greg, too! ;o)

So much to say about this ep, but unfortunately I have to get ready for class right now. More to come later!
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I'm a little late but I wanted to post my thoughts anyway. :o)

Spoilers for 408 Grounded )
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Let me start off by saying that this ep was everything I'd hoped it would be, and more. SO MUCH Spike and TEAM and team members worrying and caring about each other. There was whump and angst and TEAM LOVE and I loved every second of it! :oD

More thoughts and squee! )

Man, I think I could go on and on about this ep, but I've been rambling on long enough. Suffice it to say that this is now my new favourite Flashoint ep! ;o)

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Slightly later than expected, but: 

Read more... )
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I managed to keep it dry the past couple of episodes, but wow, this one definitely opened the floodgates! Awesome episode with teamy moments and, well, sadness.

Oh Wordy... )

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This was a fun episode, though I have to admit it took me a while to get into it.

Spoilers for 403 only )

Still, I already rewatched the ep three times (particularly the scenes with Spike and Greg ;o)), so it's not like I hated the ep. It was fun and there were some awesome character moments, but it's just not my favourite kind of ep ;o)


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