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I should be writing essays and reports and what not, but because Flashpoint's season 4 finale's on in Canada tonight, there's so much Flashpoint love going around that I just can't not play ;o)

This way to goodies )

Honestly, I don't think there's ever been a show that revolves around friendship and family as much as Flashpoint does. And I don't think there's ever been a cast who so often and freely express their love and affection for one other as this cast. THIS, this is why it's my favourite show right now and why season 4 is my favourite season to date. So many wonderful team moments and team love and I really, really hope they'll keep that up in season 5 (and, hopefully, beyond!). God, I love this show.

Can't wait to see tonight's ep!
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This was tweeted by Sergio a few hours ago:

Awww...I just want to hug all of them! It's so wonderful to see that they really are a family both on and off-screen. Hee! :oD
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I'm getting more and more impressed with how much effort ION is putting into promoting Flashpoint. Here's a short interview with the Flashpoint cast (minus Sergio and Clé Bennett :o() at the ION Flashpoint premiere event in New York that took place a few days ago. The interview contains a couple of clips from unaired episodes, one of which is a little spoilery for JAM fans, so beware.
Flashpoint cast interview
Spoilers for season 4 JAM ) 
Either way, new Flashpoint ep "A New Life" next week! FINALLY! :oD

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So 'the men of Flashpoint' were on the Marilyn Denis show for an interview back in February. The interview itself was already on YouTube but the short BTS clip that shows the boys answering a few more questions backstage apparently wasn't, so I've just remedied that. Enjoy! :oD

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Really glad that they seemed to be having a good time regardless of the outcome! :o) Also, Michael Cram was there! Awesome! :oD

More pics! )
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So last night the remaining Geminis were being given away, and Flashpoint was up for 3 awards: Best leading actor in a dramatic series (Enrico Colantoni), Best Dramatic Series and....another one I can't remember right now *g*. The point is that Flashpoint went home empty-handed! WTF?! Apparently, The Borgias won the award for Best Dramatic series, but technically it's not even a Canadian production (it's an international production)! I don't care what anyone says, Flashpoint should've taken that award home. And Enrico totally deserved to win the award for best leading actor. 

Yeah, I know I'm biased, but we were robbed, I tell you! ROBBED! *grumps*

Anyway, Sergio was kind enough to tweet a whole bunch of pics before and after the show and I'm posting some of them here.

Under the cut for size! )

ETA: Ack! LJ's being a pain! Will post more pics in another post.
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A little while ago someone over at the Official Flashpoint Facebook page (if you're on FB, check it out, it's great) asked which actor on the show was most like their character, and one of the producers of the show replied:

“Sergio is so lovely and instantly likeable--just like Spike. Not sure that he's a geek though. Hugh smiles a lot more than he does in the show--not nearly as intense. David isn't cocky as he appears in the show. Enrico is charming and funny--seems a lot younger in person. Amy Jo is quiet, perhaps moreso than Jules. I found Mike Cram and Wordy to be very different. Both are very sweet, but Mike Cram has more lift to his personality (does that make sense?).”

Really, it doesn't surprise me at all that Sergio Di Zio is most like his character on the show; they both just ooze likability somehow! I wonder if it's the smile or the dimples...or his voice? Sergio just seems like a very gentle and genuinely friendly guy (yeah, just like Spike ;o)).  Also, I agree that Enrico seems much younger in interviews (and BTS pics) than he does when he plays Greg Parker. And David -- when I saw him on Marilyn, I was really surprised at how different he seemed! Sam does come across as a bit cocky on the show, but David himself struck me as friendly (if a little mischievous ;o)) and even a tiny bit shy sometimes. 
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Let me start off by saying that this ep was everything I'd hoped it would be, and more. SO MUCH Spike and TEAM and team members worrying and caring about each other. There was whump and angst and TEAM LOVE and I loved every second of it! :oD

More thoughts and squee! )

Man, I think I could go on and on about this ep, but I've been rambling on long enough. Suffice it to say that this is now my new favourite Flashoint ep! ;o)

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So I guess it's about time I posted some of the Flashpoint spoiler pics I've been sitting on! Once again, lots of Sergio/Spike (YAY!)!

Mostly minor spoilers... )Right, gotta go. Will post more spoilers and pics later!


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