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So I was a little too busy yesterday rewatching this ep every spare minute I had to post my thoughts on it, but I've finally managed to drag myself away from all that angst and TEAM LOVE and TEAM-Y GOODNESS and just general awesomeness so here I am! God, I'm so in love with this ep (and with Spike, but you already knew that ;o))!

Spoilers 515 Blue On Blue )

All in all, absolutely brilliant episode! Definitely one of my top 3 favourites! Hee! :oD
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Just saw the CBS promo for this week's Flashpoint (the big Spike ep) and OMG!!!

*hyperventilates!* HOW am I supposed to be able to wait TWO MORE DAYS for this episode to air?! The suspense is killing me! Looks like there's gonna be lotsa team and angsting about Spike and whump...and...and....IS IT FRIDAY YET????!
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I love getting involved in a new fandom! I haven't felt this strongly about a show since SGA and that's saying something. Flashpoint is making me want to actively seek out spoilers, just like I used to do with SGA, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Slight drawback is that the Flashpoint fandom is MUCH smaller than the SGA fandom, so finding spoilers isn't always easy, but maybe that adds to the thrill when you do manage to find something, like when I found the pics below. They were made a few days ago, while they were filming episode 402. I don't think they're very spoilery but I'm putting them beneath a cut just in case.

This way to pics and whump... )
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So I'm not sure anyone will even read this, but lately I've seen quite a few people on my flist talking about being inbetween fandoms and wanting a tv-show they can be fannish about, and, well, I just wanted to rec one that I discovered recently. It's an Australian tv-show called Sea Patrol. It's about the Australian navy and is action-packed and chockfull of close male friendships. The plots aren't always very good, but there's lots of whump and good-looking guys (I do like to swim at the shallow end of the pool, yes ;o)), and more importantly, the characters actually really care about each other.

Personally, I'm rather taken with Billy "Spider" Webb (played by Jay Ryan).

Pic under the cut )

He's the young new recruit on board who seems to have a penchant for getting into trouble and is consequently whumped frequently (and Jay Ryan does whump really well!). He's young, naive and vulnerable (and good-looking ;o)) and he makes my whumper's heart beat faster.

But if he's not your thing, there are plenty of other good-looking, whumpable guys on the show you might be drawn to. Anyway, if you're looking for something to fan on or if you crave some good whump, Sea Patrol is something to look into (at least, the first 3 seasons). I think you can find some episodes on YouTube. Great Spider whump eps that I can think of off the top of my head are Rescue Me, Through the Storm, Heart of Glass, Red Sky Morning and Red Reef.
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So, wow, it's been ages since I last posted here! I've been around, just not as much as I used to because of - suprise, surprise - RL.

I've been trying to keep up with all things SGA, since I still love that show dearly, but I will admit to having dabbled in a couple of other fandoms as well. Right now though, developments in RL are rather...disturbing and this usually means that I need to watch a show/dabble in a fandom that's relatively new to me to keep my mind off things. My brother leant me his dvd-collection of Star Trek: Voyager and though I watched the show once years ago already, I still found myself getting reeled in again - by Tom Paris, especially ;o).

So, given my love for H/C, I was wondering if anyone on my f-list has any well-written Tom Paris-whump fics they'd be willing to rec? I've been trying to find them on my own, but since Voyager has (or used to have) such a massive fandom, I'm having a lot of trouble wading through the mud, as it were, to find the kind of stories I like. So if anyone knows of any good Tom Paris-whump fic out there (preferably gen, but I don't mind slash, and any rating is fine), and they'd be willing to rec them, I'd be very, very grateful :o)


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