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So as some of you know, I went to see Sergio Di Zio in his play Dying City last night. It was a very intimitate location and the actors were close enough to touch (which, TBH I was a teeny bit intimidated by...I was like, 'Oh no! They can see me, too!' Yeah, I'm a little shy). But it was great seeing Sergio perform up close and personal and he was truly amazing. He plays identical twins, but they're two very different characters and it was incredible to see how easily he seemed to switch between them. He was really good and the play itself was thought-provoking. I was surprised at how much humour they were able to inject into it and it was a goiod thing they did, because there was a lot of sad as well. It was very hard not to cry sometimes, especially at the end.

After the show, Sergio, Lesley Faulkner (who plays Kelly) and director Peter Pasyk came back on stage for a Q&A session, which was really cool. A great way to gain a more insight and of course it was wonderful to see the actors as themselves ;o) Afterwards, they stayed and chatted with individual members of the audience. They were very approachable, but I, because of my accursed shyness, couldn't work up the nerve to say hi *FAIL!* :o( But I'm seeing it again on Thursday so maybe I'll be lucky enough that they'll decide to come out and chat with us again and maybe, hopefully, I'll manage to say hello then... 

Also, Sergio's brother was in the audience tonight! Sergio's definitely the younger sibling and I didn't think they looked a lot alike at all, but they do have the same chin ;o)

So anyway, go see the play if you get a chance and are able. It's totally worth it. They extended their run by a week, so I believe it's now playing till the 17th.   

In other news, my stocking over at [ profile] fandom_stocking is up! Exciting! Now I gotta go hunt for other people's stockings to fill :o) You know, I really wish I knew how to make icons, 'cause I'd love to make a few for people!
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So this is the first year I've signed up for [ profile] fandom_stocking and I'm really excited to participate! For those who haven't heard of it, it's a sort of fest where you can submit your stocking (wishlist) so others can "fill" it. You can fill other people's stockings by commenting with fic, icons, holiday wishes, etc. You're not obligated to fill anyone's stocking when you post your own wishlist, but it would be nice, of course ;o) Also, you can fill people's stockings when you haven't posted a wish list of your own.

All stockings are tagged by fandom, which makes it easier to find stockings to fill. They're still posting stockings (mine isn't up yet), so keep checking back. Rules, etc. at the link in case you'd like to participate, and I believe you can still submit your own stocking though I'm not a 100% sure.

In other news, I'm leaving for Toronto tomorrow! Going to see Sergio Di Zio in his play Dying City. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! So excited! Read the play a couple of weeks ago and I'm really looking forward to seeing their interpretation of it live on stage. Have read nothing but good reviews so far, so yay! :o)

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So Sergio's new play, Dying City, opens this Friday in Toronto and here's the trailer:

Very cool. And you know what's even more cool? THAT I'M GOING TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! :oD

Yup, I booked a trip to Toronto and bought tickets for Dying City, so I'll be able to see Sergio work his magic live! :o) It's not something I'd normally do, 'cause you know, Toronto isn't exactly around the corner for me and I'll be travelling all by my lonesome,'s been a rough year for me, especially the past few months, and I needed a break. I've always wanted to go to Toronto and when I heard about Sergio doing this new play in December, I thought it'd just be the perfect opportunity to go see him AND the city. So, YAY! I'm going to Flashpoint City and see Sergio! :oD

I'm currently reading the play 'cause I want to be prepared and I'm enjoying it so far. Can't wait to see Sergio perform it! :oD
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This is a truly amazing article about Sergio in which he talks about Spike, his new play (Dying City) and the loss of his mom. This article has made me love him even more. What an inspirational guy.


An excerpt:
"On a personal note, Di Zio says his mom passed away 11 years ago. “It was a very hard time,” he says. “I was very, very close with her, but there was this gift she left me with, which was she vocalized it, saying, ‘This acting thing, if you’re going to do it, I want you to really do it.’”

And though he deems this experience of his mother’s death, “both the most beautiful and the most horrible,” he notes the inevitable growth and transformation that can be born out of grief."

Read it, it's amazing.


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