Jul. 5th, 2007 09:28 am
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Yup, I'm still alive! Uni's finally over and done with, until September, anyway. Unfortunately, I'm going on vacation tomorrow for 2,5 weeks, so I won't have much time to catch up on anything at all! I've got so many fics to read, so many Atlantis eps to watch, and I'm so gonna miss checking out JM's blog every morning! Plus, I won't be able to hang out with the GW whumpers for almost 3 weeks! I don't know how I'm gonna survive... Can you tell I'm addicted? ;o)

So anyway, I'm leaving tomorrow morning (going to Thailand), and won't be back until the 25th. Man, I will have so much to catch up on! I'm sure I'm gonna miss all the S4 spoilers, new fics and new S4 promo vids *cries*. Okay, yeah, I sound like a spoiled brat, I admit it. :o)

Right, be good everybody and see you in a few weeks!

Oh! And I almost forgot: quiz results!

You Are Low Maintenance

Otherwise known as "too good to be true"
You're one laid back chica - and men love that!
Just remember that no good guy likes a doormat.
So if you find your self going along to get along...
Stop yourself and put up a little bit of a fight.

Yeah, I know, I got a little carried away doing these these quizzes ;o)
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Saw this on Pocus' LJ. Very cool quiz! ;o) And Sheppy would be my best buddy! *grins*

Now, I promise I'll actually WRITE an entry soon; I haven't done much with my LJ lately aside from posting quiz results. But I've been sick and haven't had the energy to do much for the past week or so. I'll do better next time!

Who would be your best Stargate Atlantis buddy?

Sheppard: Get ready to tackle complex tactical situations and fight off many, many wraith. If you lived on Atlantis, you'd be spending most of your time alongside the newly promoted Lt. Colonel John Sheppard.
Take this quiz!

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Saw this on Alipeep's LJ and decided to give it a go. I'm not much like Sheppy at all! Well, it's not like I didn't already know that ;) I mean, brave? Me? Uh-uh. :D But I'll settle for Carson ;)

Which Stargate Atlantis character are you most like?
Your Result: Dr. Carson Beckett

Kind-hearted, sincere, loveable, and a good person. Dr. Beckett is a medical doctor, and he cares for everyone around him. By being simmilar in personality to him, it means that you are noble and genuine, and really, really nice. This is living proof that you don't need to be exceptionally strong to be a strong person. Plus, you're smart, too! ^^

Dr. Radek Zelenka
Dr. Elizabeth Weir
Teyla Emmagen
Col. John Sheppard
Ronan Dex
Dr. Rodney McKay
Which Stargate Atlantis character are you most like?
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