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So, wow, I'm only now getting around to writing down my thoughts on this ep!

I'd kind of assumed this'd be a filler episode à la A Call To Arms because there'd been so little buzz about it and the ep descriptions didn't exactly enamour me either. Which is why I so totally not expected to love this ep. But I did, and I do!

The team moments were absolutely amazing. Poor Spike! With his mom moving back to Italy, the team's really the only family he has left. I felt so sorry for him when Greg was totally oblivious and basically just told him to hurry up and get moving in the locker room. I gotta tell you that my love for Ed grew tenfold just for picking up on Spike's emotional turmoil and for pointing it out to Greg.

Also, poor Greg :o( It's like he can never get away from the stress and emotional pain. I really like Marina, but she needs to realize that Greg can't keep being her therapist when he's just about reached his breaking point himself. As I said over at loisarah's journal, I wonder if she even knows what happened to him in Day Game. She needs to take charge and give Greg the support he needs right now. I understand she's been through some traumatic things, but she's got to be able to be there for Greg too if she wants their relationship to work.

I really enjoyed the case, too. I guessed pretty early on that it was Kevin who had killed that kid, but my heart really ached for Chris and I cried for him when the truth finally came out.

And then the team moment at the God, that was such an awesome scene with Sam, Ed and Raf being there for Spike. Definitely one of my favourite moments this season. Also, Ed's got Greg's back. We already knew that, but he proved it once more in this ep. Ed was totally the team player.

This ep was all about team, friendship and family, and that is why I loved it so very much!
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